Trump master-trolls Democrats with congratulations to 'Crazy Bernie' on his Nevada win

Well, it happened.

Socialist dinosaur Bernie Sanders won the Democrats' Nevada primary and gaiety ensued. Here's a bit of the celebration on the rabid left:

One problem: President Trump is celebrating, too:

Which is hilarious, given the weird specter of an incumbent president congratulating a supposedly strengthening rival.

Except of course, that even in the Democrats' books, Sanders is the most beatable of all of them, someone Trump will thump down like a drum in November due to voter loathing of socialism. 

It was master-trolling at its best, with Trump in classic form.

What makes it funny, of course, is that as Bernie celebrates, other Democrats are getting the cold sweats, knowing full well that Bernie may be popular with his own slice of the vote, but he's not popular with 'normals,' including ordinary Democrats, and that's bound to depress voter turnout. With defeat the inevitable result of putting Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket, Democrats know that Trump celebrating beforehand means they have nothing to celebrate at all.

Image credit: SomethingWicked @som3thingwicked // by permission

With Trump after them, taunting them like a little kid picking the wings off a noxious insect, making it scream (they're the insect), everyone else can only laugh.

Maybe this should send a message to Democrats that something's wrong in their party that a truly crazy socialist who honeymooned in the U.S.S.R. is now going to be their nominee, despite their best efforts to rig the process to stop him.

It signals that Trump is confident of his re-election victory and Democrats now face another McGovern-style fiasco. Trump knows what he's doing with this tweet. And Democrats know he knows what he's doing.

Yet they're helpless.

When your enemy is cheering your choice, is there any question you've got a loser on your hands? Keep going, Crazy Bernie.

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