Trump brings battered, belittled American farmers to the front of the stage

President Trump brings razor-sharp instincts to the political picture, and nowhere was it more obvious than in his appearance in Bakersfield, California, signing a bill to clean up the junk-science federal "research" on water for the parched Central Valley and, better still, ordering the feds to give California's Central Valley farmers the water for their farms that they already paid for.  According to Politico: "What they're doing to your state is a disgrace," Trump said. "After decades of failure and delays in ensuring critical water rights for the people of the state, we are determined to finally get your problems solved." The official water "record of decision" was signed Wednesday, outlining endangered species rules for California's main water hub. Central Valley politicians have railed for years against water restrictions intended to help salmon and smelt that inhabit the Sacramento and...(Read Full Post)
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