Three takeaways from the failed impeachment

It Proves Trump Is Clean as a Whistle

The impeachment was a monumental waste of time, but it did prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Trump has not committed any illegal offenses while in office.  In fact, it shows we really have to stretch to find anything he has done that could even be called inappropriate.

How so?  Try a simple thought experiment: if the House Dems were aware of any illegal activity by Trump, don't you think they would have used that as a basis for their impeachment?  The fact that they that chose a phone call to Ukraine, with no direct witnesses, in a situation that even they agree did not violate any laws, clearly shows that they have absolutely nothing illegal to pin on Trump. 

It was not for lack of trying.  Keep in mind that the entire Democrat political apparatus has spent the last three years desperately trying to find something — anything — to destroy Trump.  Impeachment was their big chance, possibly their only opportunity to Get Trump while they still controlled the House.  The fact that they focused on such an inconsequential action by President Trump shows how desperate they are.  And if the best they can come up with is an innocuous Ukraine phone call, we know they don't have anything else they can point to that could conceivably be called illegal.

Even if we do accept the premise that Trump's Ukraine call was in any way inappropriate (which is highly debatable), the idea that the House Dems chose Ukraine as their hill to die on shows how little they have, even if we are looking at merely inappropriate (not illegal) actions.  And Trump did actually provide the aid, despite the supposed quid pro quo, and without Ukraine taking any actions on Biden. 

Can you spell "nothingburger"?

The Deep State Is Alive and Well and Dedicated to Defeating Trump

The House trial gave us an up-close portrait of several swamp-dwellers.  They are dedicated to trying to take down Trump and are more than willing to use every instrument at their disposal, no matter how illegal or intrusive.  Incredibly, Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch monitored the communications of American journalists, including Sean Hannity and Sara Carter.  Adam Schiff did the same to his colleague Devin Nunes.  NSC member Alexander Vindman tried to "correct" the transcript of the presidential phone call to cast Trump in a less flattering light.  For his part, Inspector General Michael Atkinson clandestinely changed the rules to allow whistleblowers to file a complaint using only hearsay evidence.  Without his changes, the complaint would not have met even the minimum requirements to be brought to the House.

On the witness stand, these Deep Staters revealed themselves to be even more entitled and arrogant than we imagined.  Yovanovitch referred to the U.S. embassy residence in Ukraine as "my house."  When asked who sets U.S. foreign policy, she replied, "We do," correcting herself only after it was pointed out that the president sets foreign policy under our constitution.  A puffed up Vindman wore his uniform to the trial and insisted he be referred to by his full military title — how could anyone get more "entitled" than that?

You can bet there are many more Deep State agents where they came from, all with a fierce loathing of Trump.

Their one saving grace is that they do not appear to be terribly intelligent.  After all, they are the ones that chose Ukraine as their hill to die on.  Seriously, who cares about Ukraine?

Next Week Will Bring Something Else

The Impeachment fiasco was just the latest in a nonstop series of Democrats' attempts to overthrow the Trump presidency.  They started long before the 2016 election, with the Obama administration's illegal spying on the Trump campaign and the bogus Russia investigation.  It continued after he was elected, when they tried getting vote recounts (only in states that Trump won) and attempted to influence the electors to recast their Electoral College votes against Trump.

This was closely followed by the Russia collusion hoax, which led to the Mueller investigation.  When Mueller came up empty, we were treated to several weeks of "Trump is a racist," because he tweeted criticisms of Democratic congressmen.

The impeachment nonsense followed soon after.  Now that it too has failed, you can be assured that the Dems are not finished; they will continue to bang their head against the Trump wall.

Look for the next effort to take down Trump to start next week — if they wait that long.

Jay Latimer is an international businessman, writer and investor who has worked in investment banking for several multinational banks in New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Image: Donkey Hotey via Flickr.

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