The Seven Dwarfs on the debate stage

The grueling debate Friday night on ABC was actually sad for the seven debaters, with the exception of Andrew Yang, for they all are panderers of the first order. They all say only what they think their potential supporters want to hear. There are few core beliefs among them.  They all seem either ignorant or in serious denial of the countless successes of the Trump administration because they all simply deny them. They are each depending, as usual, on the conviction that all Americans are very stupid and unable to discern between the truth and their lies meant to terrorize unwitting citizens about health care, global warming, and President Trump. There was not an honest broker on that stage except Yang, and he has no chance of being the nominee because is a relatively normal human being. The debate brought to mind Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Among the dwarfs, Yang would be Happy. YouTube screen...(Read Full Post)
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