The mullahs share the Democrats' disappointment after Trump's acquittal

President Trump's Senate acquittal and his rise in polls have been a disappointment for Tehran's regime.  Iran was counting on Trump's removal from the office that could have resulted in the removal of sanctions on Iran. Taking the domestic protests of the Iranian people against the mullahs into account, Trump's acquittal acts as an important factor in predicting a bleak future for the regime in Tehran.

During the four-month process of impeachment, Iranian officials attempted to propagate false news, fueling hollow hopes among the nation's forces.  The IRNA news agency wrote on November 16, 2019: "If the impeachment succeeds, the Trump sanctions will be lifted, the US will come back to the nuclear agreement process and Europe will not have to abide itself to the policies of the United stated in regard to Iran."

In the eyes of some of the regime's political analysts, the current circumstances including a possible new impeachment congressional investigation can be positive for Iran because it occupies the U.S. president with domestic problems and he will have less opportunity to think about other countries, such as Iran.  IRNA adds:

On the other hand, the key to Trump's impeachment plan is to weaken his campaign in 2020; all Democratic candidates promise to return to the nuclear agreement with Iran if they win the next presidential election.

An "Asia" newspaper article published a few days before the Senate vote states:

Psychological shock from Trump impeachment could have a positive impact on the Iranian economy in the short-run. Trump's impeachment to be voted on in the House of Representatives today. Given the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives, the impeachment is highly likely to be voted on, no matter if the Senate approves of the impeachment or not. It could weaken Trump's power and his decisions.

These were the commentaries and optimism of the regime's officials, which were published in the regime's media before the Senate vote.  The regime's intent in offering such optimism was to boost the morale of its forces.  The lies and fake news of this regime have been institutionalized over the past 41 years, and most recently the world has witnessed the lies of the Iranian regime about the Ukrainian airliner that was hit by IRGC missiles.  The regime needs to convince its own forces that they are still strong and will deliver lies upon lies, even to its own forces. 

Mullah Al-Khamenei must be disappointed:

Via Fars News Agency.

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