The #MeToo movement ignored a Ninth Circuit judge guilty of terrible misconduct

In December 2017, the #MeToo movement claimed Judge Alex Kozinski, widely recognized as one of the most brilliant judges on the Ninth Circuit.  Kozinski was also a libertarian in an activist circuit.  Ironically, it now turns out that his close friend, the late Judge Stephen Reinhardt, a judicial activist, was the real sexual harasser. At the #MeToo movement's height, around fifteen women claimed that Kozinski, a Romanian-born child of Holocaust survivors, had sexually harassed them.  Their charges ranged from his showing female clerks pornography to using trying to read a hidden label name tag as an excuse to touch the woman's breast to kissing both male and female lawyers on the cheeks. An interesting aspect of Kozinski's departure was that one of the main people to help push him out was Heidi Bond, who alleged that Kozinski showed her pornography on the office computer, asked inappropriate questions, and was generally...(Read Full Post)
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