The Iowa goat orgy comes to an end with Buttigieg getting the most delegates

On Sunday, six days after the Iowa Caucuses took place, the Iowa Democrat Party finally released the 2020 Results. Based upon the complicated, vaguely parliamentary-style algorithm that Iowa uses, Buttigieg won 14 delegates, and Bernie trailed him with 12 delegates. Warren eked out 8 delegates, former frontrunner Biden got 6, and Klobuchar got 1 delegate. None of the candidates got anything out of their Iowa efforts: With 38-year-old Buttigieg having leaped to prominence in Iowa, it's time to remind everyone of a few pertinent facts: 1. Between 1972 and 2010, nine of the Iowa Democrat caucus winners secured their parties' nomination (although both Clinton and Obama were unopposed during their second-term runs).  However, of those nine, only three — Carter, Clinton, and Obama — won the presidency. Buttigieg now has the potential to win the primaries. 2. Buttigieg was raised in an extremely Marxist home: The father of Democratic...(Read Full Post)
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