The great smokeout: Trump's enemies struck the king but didn't kill the king

Post-impeachment, Rep. Adam Schiff has been a very busy beaver these days, looking as ever for something new to Get Trump.

Based on his latest Trump-hating tweet, he's got it:


Hotel bills. Trump did bad hotel bills. That's what it's come to. That's all he's got. Hey, that'll topple him! The last impeachment bid was a bust, but hold ma beer, Schiff's got a new one to show this time.

Already it's beer gone flat.

Schiff got scored by Jim Daws and other Twitterati for his failure to understand how President Trump actually lost money on those hotel bills, which leaves Schiff again with nothing, forcing him to start all over again. Eat your heart out, Wile-e-Coyote.



But here's his bigger problem:

Schiff is a general who's lost his army. He squandered them on the failed impeachment bid, calculating that the American public would choose arming Ukraine over the incandescent Trump economy as reason enough to oust Trump. As any fool could tell you, Ukraine is not the burning issue here in the states and Schiff's gambit flopped horribly.  Now aafter after the big Schiff show, with its parade of hostile witnesses testifying in the House, the collaborators are gone. Trump has their names like captured weapons. Col. Yevgeny Vindman and his suspect twin brother, are now gone. Fiona Hill is gone. John Bolton is gone. They smoked themselves out with Schiff's impeachment bid, emptying their bolts on it, and now everyone knows who they are. Now Trump is cleaning house. They can no longer machinate against him in secret -- through leaks, through testimony -- any more. Spent. Gone.

Don Trump, Jr. twisted the knife for him, letting Schiff know what Trump knows, giving him a golf clap:



Schiff is going to have a tough time recruiting another army of collaborators from the deep state now. He shot his bolt.

It's not just the deep staters who are getting purged, either. Schiff's media allies have also been outed as schemers, too.

House ranking intelligence committee member, Devin Nunes, in an appearance on Fox News, pointed out the obvious:

Nunes says they can't be trusted, their biased malevolence is now know, so don't talk to them. They, too, are going to be pretty ineffective on their next bid to Get Trump.

When you strike the king, you must kill the king. Schiff is no Medici prince, much as he'd like to think otherwise. He didn't seem to understand that.

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