The Federal Judges Association calls an emergency meeting about Roger Stone

The Federal Judges Association, a voluntary association of about 1,100 federal judges, feels it's necessary to have an emergency meeting to discuss the fact that Attorney General Bill Barr, when made aware of an excessive sentencing demand against Roger Stone, asked the judge instead to exercise her discretion. The facts here are pretty clear: Stone, an icky man, lied to Congress, a crime only when Republicans do it (see, e.g., Flynn and Papadopoulos), and made such weak, grumpy old man threats against a potential witness that the witness laughed them off.  Stone was a first-time, nonviolent offender.  So Mueller's mad dogs asked the judge to give Stone the harshest sentence possible under the law.  Bill Barr countered by withdrawing that request and asking the judge to use her discretion in sentencing Stone.  That's all. Nevertheless, USA Today says the judges are so ruffled that they need an emergency...(Read Full Post)
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