The Democrats' nightmare scenario is unfolding before our (and their) eyes

Karma is knocking on the door at the Democratic National Committee's Washington, D.C. headquarters.  The party of the plutocracy masquerading as the savior of the underclass, a coalition of grievance-fueled identity groups not completely comfortable with each other, may finally face the reckoning it so richly deserves.  The only thing that unites eco-fanatics with the blue-collar labor unions, blacks with gays and Jews, or socialists with Wall Street financiers is the quest to harness the power of the state to their own interests.

The optimistic take on the current fiasco rendering Democrats incapable of announcing the results of the Iowa caucuses is that the party is hopelessly incompetent.  They have shamed not just themselves, but the state of Iowa, which is now denied its quadrennial place in the national spotlight and made to appear like a bunch of rubes, primitives, and idiots.  Don't expect the Dems to win Iowa's electoral votes this year.

The conclusion is inescapable that Democrats should not be trusted with responsibility for Americans' health care (or anything else important), as Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale gleefully tweeted:

The less favorable interpretation is that the results are being deep-sixed because they would show Sanders-supporters taking a solid lead.  And anyone with a suspicious mind would note that for the first time ever, the Des Moines Register's pre-caucus poll results also were withheld from the public, allegedly because there were technical errors resulting in Pete Buttigieg not being an option for one or more respondents to choose, but, in the suspicions of many, including Steve Bannon, because they would add to the momentum of Sanders.

Now comes news that even without momentum from Iowa, Sanders is opening up a substantial lead in New Hampshire:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has taken a massive lead in New Hampshire as the nation's first primary quickly approaches, leading his closest competitor by 15 percentage points, according to a 7 News/ Emerson College Polling tracking poll released on Monday.

The socialist senator is dominating in his neighboring state, leading his closest competitor, Joe Biden (D), by double digits in New Hampshire. According to the survey, which was taken January 31–February 2, 2020, Sanders leads the field with 29 percent support. A cluster of candidates, who are separated by one percentage point each follows, with Biden seeing 14 percent support, Pete Buttigieg (D) garnering 13 percent support, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) finding 12 percent support.

The DNC's ruling elites fear a wipeout in November if Sanders gets the nod.  The last time the Democrats ran an outright leftist, George McGovern in 1972, they lost 49 states and handed the GOP a 23.2% popular vote margin.  While a generation of indoctrination in the schools and universities has softened the electorate's resistance to socialist nonsense, Sanders's brand of leveling is far harsher than McGovern's, and his track record of embracing hard-line Marxism, including his honeymoon in the USSR, is so blatant that even many progressives — the affluent ones in the suburbs and tony urban neighborhoods — would have second thoughts about supporting him and handing control of Congress to the donkeys so they can institute a wealth tax and open the borders.

Joe Biden, supposedly the insurance policy against Sanders, has become pathetic.  His corruption via family members enriched by trading on his position and influence has been exposed thanks to the House impeachment, and he keeps embarrassing himself in front of groups by failing to realize where he is or what his point might be.  Nobody with healthy skepticism will accept whatever results might be produced out of Iowa, but fragmentary accounts of caucus turnout are not helping his cause:

But denying the nomination to Sanders, as the party did in 2016, risks alienating his supporters, who all realize that the party schemed against their hero and cannot be trusted.  The Bernsheviks and the identity group mavens just saw the DNC cravenly change the rules for participation in the next debate so that Michael Bloomberg can participate, even though he utterly failed to meet the requirements for a minimum number of donors.  How is this not whoring themselves out?

There are no political saviors waiting in the wings, either.  Elizabeth Warren is tanking because voters can recognize such a phony with such a track record of self-serving lies.  Pete Buttigieg is verbally fluent, but he has left South Bend, Indiana in worse shape than it was before his eight years as mayor and has no accomplishments beyond contributing to McKinsey consulting reports for clients.  And then there is the question of black turnout for an openly gay candidate.

As Steve Bannon told Maria Bartiromo Sunday, Hillary Clinton probably would be the nominee emerging from a deadlocked convention once the superdelegates vote.  Having blown one election to Trump and lacking the energy to campaign on a scale remotely comparable to Trump, she would lose again, especially without the backing of the Sandersnistas.

I take seriously the advice that we don't get cocky.  Yes, the electorate is nearly evenly divided between pro- and anti-Trump voters.  And yes, a lot can happen in nine months.

But the unstable coalition of the Democrats is coming apart at the seams.  Basing their appeal on anger carries with it the danger of the anger turning against one another.  That is becoming increasingly likely.

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