The Democrats and the virus: Truth is hard, propaganda is cheap!

The Democrats have truly lost their minds.  For years they have wailed about how our borders should all be open, how there should be no walls.  When President Trump six weeks ago banned travelers from China, they called him a racist, of course.  Now that the virus has spread, they are blaming him, accusing him of an anemic response.

Wrong.  The country has a pandemic plan in place, no matter who is president, but Trump has been on the case since China informed the world of the virus breakout.  A task force to address this virus has been in place for at least a month.

They've accused Trump of cutting the budget of the CDC and NIH.  Even AP shows that he did not.  He had proposed some cuts, but they never went into effect, and there is a standing congressional fund for health emergencies.

But the Democrats do not care about facts; they live for any crisis they can weaponize for an assault on the president.  They are as shameless as they are calculating.  As always, they believe they can fool the American people and that their lies will not be exposed.  Thomas Sowell was exactly right when he said, "It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance."

Of course, these Dems have an army of like-minded fellow travelers in the media, like Gail Collins, who, in her NYT column, said the virus should be called Trumpvirus, as if the President created it in the Oval Office and disseminated it far and wide.  That is how depraved they are. 

Bottom line?  They are hoping for a massive pandemic because they believe that it would bring about the defeat of Trump in November.  Not one of them has offered any plan of their own to combat the disease, of course.  It has not occurred to any of them to offer to work with the, no, no.

They obviously are hoping for an outbreak worthy of a horror film.  Thousands of deaths will not distress them if it takes Trump down.  Like all those lefties who have been hoping for a recession that would hurt Trump:

Actress Patricia Arquette called on her Instagram followers over last weekend to spread the word about an "economic shutdown" effort scheduled for March 2.

"March 2 there is an economic shut down [sic] action," Arquette captioned the post. "Don't purchase anything on this day."


An epidemic of illness is even better in their minds.  They can hardly contain their glee at the mere prospect of such a catastrophic event.

So the same crowd that has lobbied for open borders and massive unchecked immigration is now angry that Trump has allowed the virus into the U.S.  All these supporters of sanctuary cities are accusing Trump of poor judgment!  They are truly torn — they relentlessly call the president a racist, a xenophobe without a shred of evidence but now blame him for China's irresponsibility.  You can't make this stuff up.

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." 
― Groucho Marx 

One self-appointed diversity cop complained that the assembled team of experts lacks diversity.  Historian John Meacham worries that this will exacerbate our xenophobia!  Elizabeth Warren wants to take the money allocated for the southern border wall to fight the virus!  Lizzie lacks gray matter; Border Control has been testing for the virus and has quarantined a few Chinese persons attempting to enter the country.  Bernie, while attacking Trump's response, advocates open borders and citizenship for all comers who breach our boundaries.  And Biden?  He's toast.  Everyone who has ever known a person suffering from dementia recognizes the signs; Biden exhibits them all.

The Democrats are really quite bamboozled by how to play this current potential crisis, and planning how to use a crisis to their benefit is how they operate.  They don't want any possible doom to go to waste, so they have to exploit it even if exploiting it goes against everything they claim to support and believe.

In short, they are a mess of intellectual and operational hypocrisies.  Their reaction to this situation should be enough to convince every American not to vote Democrat ever again.  These people are certifiably insane.  Pelosi lectures the president while her own city devolves into a circle of Hell, one so beset by homelessness that it could conceivably become ground zero for the virus in the U.S.  Schumer leapt to the floor of the Senate to condemn Trump's handling of the crisis, even though it is not yet a crisis in this country.  And the dolts at CNN and MSNBC as usual jumped feet first to embrace every wild conspiracy they could make up to blame the president even though there is as yet nothing for which he can be blamed.  He's been on top of the potential crisis from day one.

The Democrat party is clearly in disarray -- from the Iowa debacle to the last two debates which proved without a shadow of doubt that not one of these candidates is qualified to be President. That Bernie Sanders is leading is frightening.

Ronald Reagan, when asked how one recognizes a communist said "Well, it's someone who read Marx and Lenin. And how do you recognize an anti-communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin." Bernie continues to praise Castro and the old Soviet Union! He is dangerous beyond belief. That he has any supporters is a sad commentary on the failure of American education.

That the party does not know what to do about him is further evidence of their dishevelment. They know he will lose to Trump in a landslide. But so will each of the others. Does knowing this make them any wiser? Not a chance. They are stuck on stupid. Like Dumbo, they need a magic feather.

Schiff and Pelosi and their acolytes were so deluded that they actually thought there would be Republicans who would vote for impeachment! That Romney did just exposed him as the spaghetti spine weasel he is. Since President Trump was elected, the Democrats have done nothing for their constituents. Not one thing.  They have spent over three years intent only upon obstructing and impeaching the best president in decades. And rather than learn from their many mistakes and failures, they are doubling down with the hope that the virus will kill thousands of Americans so they can use it against him.

The great Thomas Sowell again: "Many on the political left are so entranced by the beauty of their vision that they cannot see the ugly reality they are creating in the real world." The reality of President Trump's extraordinary leadership has thus far eluded them but may be about to smack them in their smug faces.

("Truth is hard, propaganda is cheap" is a quote by DeShanne Stokes.)

Graphic credit: Pixabay.

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