The Democrat Jewish presidential candidates are a disgrace

We have watched as the Democrat Party has taken its Jewish voters for granted and repeatedly thrown them under the anti-Semitic bus.  We have watched as Democrat Jewish congressional leaders have mostly done nothing to confront their party's anti-Semitic bias.  Now we have watched as the disloyal, cowardly Democrat Jewish presidential candidates openly joined the anti-Semitic fray. 

On Feb. 25, 2020, at the boring food fight in Charleston that masqueraded as a presidential debate, Jewish candidates Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg shoved shivs into the backs of global Jewry and Israel. 

Sanders's animosity was overt, Bloomberg's covert. 

Marxist comrade Sanders sternly proclaimed that he was Jewish, but in the next breath, he emphatically opined that Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu is a racist.  The audience cheered.  This plays well not only with the bigots who are now the dominant face of the Democrat Party, but with the international anti-Semitic, anti-Israel crowd as well. 

After Sanders threw Bibi, Israel, and the rest of Judaism under the bus, what did the other Jewish candidate on the stage do?  Former three-time mayor of New York City Mike Bloomberg did absolutely nothing.  Instead, playing to the same anti-Semitic crowd, he stood there like a cowardly mouse, hiding behind his billions.  But just as money can't buy class, it also can't buy character. 

Actually, we've seen this movie before — in full display at the Democrats' 2012 presidential convention in Charlotte.  There, the convention participants booed when two planks of the platform were announced: G-d and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Religious groups complained, and on the second day of the convention, both items were reintroduced and a voice vote taken.  The number of ayes and boos were so close that the voice vote had to be taken three times.  After the third vote, the convention chair threw in his chips and gamely stated that both proposals had passed. 

Unlike 2012, in Charleston, there were no dissenters to confront the bigotry.  Not a candidate on the stage contradicted Sanders's outrageous attack, and not a single peep of protest was heard from the audience!

Interestingly, dueling ads played during the debate.  Bloomberg ran an expensive piece that made him look commanding and charismatic.  In it, he spoke from a lectern in a convention-like venue, jammed with a multicultural audience holding signs for Mike.  The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) aired the second ad, slamming Sanders for being the disloyal bigot that he is.  Taking clips from his own appearances, the RJC created a powerful collage of Sanders's anti-Israel screeds, attacking his pushback on BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction Israel) and showing his endorsements by fellow Jew-haters, congressional Democrats Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. 

Unlike the majority of Israeli Jews, Jews in Latin America, and the British Jews who gallantly united against anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn, American Jews are politically fractured.  From contributors to American Thinker to the legendary Jewish and pro-Israel conservative Norman Podhoretz to younger political pundits, American conservative Jewry has agonized over its Democrat brethren, who chose social justice over Judaism, and attack Israel shamelessly. 

President Trump is a great American president who also happens to be a tremendous friend to Jews and democratic Israel.  Is the rampant, and ever increasing, anti-Semitic stance of the Democrat party enough to switch the majority of American Jewish voters from Democrat to Republican?  Fruitlessly, this debate plays out every four years.  Sadly, the answer most likely will still be the same: no.

Lynne Lechter is an elected member of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee, a proud member of the RJC, and an international lawyer and litigator in Philadelphia.

Image credit: CBS News via shareable YouTube screen shot.

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