That one missing word at last night's Democratic debate

The Democrat debate was an exercise in futility, a bunch of mice scurrying over scraps while Big Cat Trump waits at the mouse-house door.

Tails entangled together, they also fought each other like a rat-king.  When they weren't doing that, they nattered on about their usual stuff — health care, global warming, amnesty for foreign nationals who've broken U.S. immigration law, whether billionaires should be legal, a whole host of irrelevant, stupid stuff you don't hear people talking about in the grocery stores or on the barstools. 

What they didn't bring up at all was the economy.  Not one said a thing about it.  A few tried to claim in a roundabout way that it isn't so hot, which is a preposterous thing, given that President Obama is now trying to claim credit for it.  The incandescent U.S. economy just never came up with this bunch, because they were too busy trying to tell us how they'd take away our money and reorder our lives to perfect virtue.

Seriously, if you were a moderate or independent voter, wouldn't you want some reassurance that the jobs would still be there if you elected Candidate Left?  Wouldn't you want reassurance that your income would still go up, even with greenie schemes on the menu?  Those voters got nothing from this bunch on that. 

To Democrats, good economies grow on trees.  Or come from Obama.  Or something.

Or maybe they were just cowards.

Yet they claim they want to take on President Trump, they claim to be the brave ones who can do it, they claim they can win, and yet that's the big laser sword in Trump's hand.

That's the big thing Trump's got to sell to voters as these Democrats, (billionaires among them) argue about whether billionaires should be around and who said what racist thing 10 or 20 years ago.  Seriously, does anyone care?  How does getting rid of billionaires do a single solitary thing for the little guy the way getting him a job does?

Trump gets people jobs — and rising incomes.  Anything the Democrats can sell after that feat is miserable gruel.  No wonder they're not big enough to bring up the economy.

Image credit: NBC News via YouTube screen shot.

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