That baggage in Bernie's closet is bulging the closet door

Bernie Sanders, who demonstrated his appeal to Latino voters in Nevada by winning 53% of their votes, seems impervious to any critical examination of his actual record.

But it turns out his political closet is bulging with anti-Latino secrets — not the Castro kind, but the kind that might just vaporize his support as word gets out.

Here's Tucker Carlson with just a whiff of what's brewing:

Carlson points out that Sanders was against illegal immigration before he was for it and essentially understood that helping the working class here might just mean not importing competition from abroad to drive their wages down.  An illegal alien from Honduras, for instance, often consents to earning starvation wages and living in a room with 12 other people in some place like Lancaster, Calif., simply because his dollars earned can be converted to a princely living when sent back home.  The effect on the American workers?  Wages driven downward to compete with the illegally present new entrants.  Too bad about those guys.

Sanders knew this, until he didn't. Carlson points out that this is a major flipflop in Sanders' position, given that he now supports open borders, and not just open borders, but free health care, free college, and free everything else to all comers who manage to sneak past the border guards he incidentally wishes to abolish.  And sure enough, now that he's the Democratic frontrunner, riding in on his wave of Latino support.

Fine and dandy, maybe they forgive him that or, at least as likely, don't know and don't care.  Maybe they don't believe that this would drive their own wages to Guatemalan levels, not realizing that they're now in an argument with math.

But there's more to it than just a Sanders flip-flop to an open-borders position as a pander to the Latino vote.

Sanders, according to Townhall's Guy Benson, who found some interesting opposition research dug up by an anti-Sanders #NeverTrump, has a mean streak when it comes to Latinos.

In one of the very few things he ever did legislatively (and he did very little, indeed), Sanders co-sponsored a bill to dump Vermont's and Maine's toxic nuclear waste onto a little Latino Texas town against the locals' wishes, giving them the stiff arm when they protested and turning a tidy profit for his wife, who's still drawing checks.  Benson writes:

Out of pure curiosity, I clicked the link in one of his tweets,

(1) In 1998, then-Rep. Sanders cosponsored a bill that would allow Vermont and Maine to dump their nuclear waste in a poor and largely Latino town in Texas called Sierra Blanca.

(2) A Texas Observer article in 1998 covered protestors from Sierra Blanca confronting Rep. Sanders and being given the stiff arm. The story's headline was "Sanders to Sierra Blanca: Drop Dead." Sanders even rebuffed an offer to visit Sierra Blanca, telling its residents, "Absolutely not. I'm gonna be running for re-election in the state of Vermont."

(3) Liberal hero Paul Wellstone—an actual progressive Democrat—gave a speech on the Senate floor calling this dump "environmental racism." Former Texas Democratic Rep. Silvestre Reyes called Sanders actions "insanely callous."

(4) After Congress approved the proposal, environmental regulators rejected the Sierra Blanca site. But a different site in Andrews County, Texas gained approval a few years later and Vermont/Texas maintain an interstate waste agreement.

(5) In 2016, Sanders' tax returns revealed that as of 2014 Jane Sanders was still drawing a small salary as an alternate commissioner for the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission as part of the agreement with Vermont that her husband pushed.

He hasn't made any amends or flip-flops on that one, and his wife is still drawing checks, maybe hoping no one notices.

It goes to show the essential heartlessness of socialism in action, as checks and balances are erased in a system of all power going to the government, and people, in the name of "the people," count for nothing, particularly if they get in the way with protests.

That's a pretty good skeleton from Sanders's closet for anyone, but it ought to end Latino support for Sanders in particular, unless these Sanders Latinos actually like it.  Since establishment Democrats now say they will do anything to stop Sanders from becoming the Democratic nominee, even if it means destroying their own party, one can be fairly sure that these kinds of stories are going to be getting out, courtesy of their mainstream media allies, pretty soon.


Image credit: Fox News, YouTube screen shot.

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