Steve Bannon lays out a shocking scenario of the real reason behind Bloomberg's investment of $2 billion in politics

If Steve Bannon is correct (and I think he probably is), Michael Bloomberg has no intention of occupying the Oval Office; his real plan is far more devious and frightening.  Bloomberg is investing a small fraction of his fortune (Bannon says it is now $70 billion) in a "leveraged buyout" of the party, installing himself as the oligarch who calls the shots, including the selection of the candidate to win the presidency. Forget the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the "Mike will get it done" ads saturating the airwaves and the Super Bowl ad touting gun control. According to Bannon, with the addled and corrupt Biden faltering, Bloomberg is fighting a holding action to prevent Bernie Sanders from capturing the nomination and thus taking over the party and converting it into an explicitly socialist party.  Win (unlikely) or lose, a Sanders candidacy would hand leadership of the party to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will be old enough for...(Read Full Post)
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