SOTU: Trump's boom means ka-boom for Dem hopes

In President Trump's beautiful words, he has created a "blue-collar boom." This boom means ka-boom to Democrat chances of holding on to the working-class vote.  Ka-boom to Democrat chances of keeping 95% of blacks in lockstep voting for their failed policies.  Ka-boom to the lies that Republicans are racists who only care about rich white people. Trump's approach to the economy is not the dry old Republican message that tax cuts boost investment.  Trump puts people first, always.  It is the not the message of a politician, staying in the safe zone of what everyone always does and says.  It is the message of a businessman and warrior, with the courage to defy conventional thinking on trade, manufacturing, and domestic energy. YouTube screen grab. Trump's message is full of heart for ordinary people.  It is signature Trump: "Our agenda is relentlessly pro-worker; pro-family; pro-growth;...(Read Full Post)
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