SOTU: Trump's boom means ka-boom for Dem hopes

In President Trump's beautiful words, he has created a "blue-collar boom."

This boom means ka-boom to Democrat chances of holding on to the working-class vote.  Ka-boom to Democrat chances of keeping 95% of blacks in lockstep voting for their failed policies.  Ka-boom to the lies that Republicans are racists who only care about rich white people.

Trump's approach to the economy is not the dry old Republican message that tax cuts boost investment.  Trump puts people first, always.  It is the not the message of a politician, staying in the safe zone of what everyone always does and says.  It is the message of a businessman and warrior, with the courage to defy conventional thinking on trade, manufacturing, and domestic energy.

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Trump's message is full of heart for ordinary people.  It is signature Trump: "Our agenda is relentlessly pro-worker; pro-family; pro-growth; and, most of all, pro-American."  

Trump's economy eats the Democrats' lunch.  Trump has poached all the Democrats' core constituencies.  He has outperformed them in their self-assigned territory.  He is going right at their core strength: the black voting bloc.  He is winning people over on the on merits. 

President Trump's SOTUS theatrics are so effective because they are not merely theatrics.  He is bringing home the bacon.  It's not boasting when you are reporting on what you have actually achieved. 

The first segment of the SOTUS, the list of economic achievements, was a "Wow!"

First, the brusque turning away from Speaker Pelosi instead of pausing to shake hands.  That was President Trump's one and only reference to the impeachment.  The message was wordless but perfectly clear.  Impeachment does not deserve the time of day.  You have earned my enmity and contempt.  I am a much bigger person than you.

And then President Trump went on to display just how big he is: his list of big achievements went on and on and on and on.  It was dazzling, it was inclusive, it was upbeat, it was patriotic.  Those who voted for him, and the millions more who intend to vote for him this time, were filled with pride. 

Any open-minded voters listening had to be blown away, as much of this was probably new information if you don't follow conservative news sites. 

It is the details that are stunning.  In Trump's words, "[i]ncredibly, the average unemployment rate under my Administration is lower than any administration in the history of our country."

Lowest unemployment ever in history for blacks, for black youths, for Hispanics, for Asians, for gays, for women (a 70-year low), for the disabled, for those without high school, and for young people.  Manufacturing jobs back, energy jobs back.  Tax cuts putting thousands of dollars back in the pockets of families. 

And this game-changer: the greatest income growth went to the poorest Americans.  The lowest-income families' net worth is up by 47%.  Here's something for the country to cheer about.  "African-American poverty has declined to the lowest rate ever recorded."

President Trump's economic boom is not just for people already doing well; it is for everybody.  That's why from 20 to 60% of voters who are flocking to Trump's rallies do not have a history of voting Republican — they are Democrats, independents, non-voters.  They are Hispanic; they are black.  And they are eager to have four more years of what President Trump has delivered.   

Trump's State of the Union address was electrifying political theater because it reflects the good news people are experiencing every day in their own lives.  It's great to be back in a period of growth, peace, and prosperity.  Trump's boom is creating complete disarray for the Democrats.  It will unite the country in new, better, and stronger patterns than we've seen before.

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