SOTU: The unspeakable ungraciousness of the Democrats in Congress

President Trump's SOTU speech Tuesday night was spectacular on every level. It was unabashedly pro-American, pro-law-enforcement, pro-border security, pro-religious freedom, pro-life, pro-school choice and pro-the American job and economic comeback, and then some; there was so much more, all of it positive, optimistic.  This president has indeed begun to make America great again. 

Despite the Democrats' fervent attempts to see him removed from office, President Trump has succeeded beyond all expectations for the good of the nation.  This is what so enrages the left; the man has done in three years what they have promised their voters for sixty-plus years but never accomplished -- on purpose.  The left has always promised what they never intended to deliver. Their plan for decades has been to keep us all down, begging them, the federal government, for sustenance.  Their plan has always been to convince us we cannot thrive without their intervention in our lives and by intervention, they mean they will tell us how to live, breathe, eat, drive, work, etc.  Our left is authoritarian, fascist.  

And they are also as ungracious as any group of people who have ever held office in America. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yet again embarrassed herself.  This is a woman without an iota of grace or class.  She has been determined to see President Trump unseated since the day he won the election.  She is the wicked witch of the House; all-powerful but losing her grip on her caucus and her sanity; she is melting.  She sat grim-faced, working her mouth in odd ways as always, trying to distract from the content of the speech by shuffling papers to make the point that she was not listening.  She was purposefully rude. Her behavior should be mortifying to her colleagues but they all behaved in like manner.

As the president listed the many successes of his administration so far, the Democrats sat on their hands, refusing to applaud nearly all of the terrific things that have taken place these past three years.  They made a point of appearing dismissive of the man and his words.  They are very angry that it has been a non-ideological Republican who has achieved so much for so many, doing things Democrats have always promised but never fulfilled, stealing their thunder.  

Trump's economic policies have brought all demographic groups more jobs and higher wages.  No wonder his approval among African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women, and youth has grown.  They are all better off since he was elected.  He has elicited more money for NATO, passed USMCA and begun to even up trade with China, his initial reason for running for the office of president.

The most egregiously infuriating aspect of the night was the persistent despicable behavior of the Democrats who were in the room.  They acted like small children, infantilized by their hatred of this president and their belief that Americans must be taken care of according to their specifications.  They demeaned themselves with their pathetic behavior at an event like this SOTU speech by refusing to acknowledge any of this president's  victories.  A few of the usual suspects  walked out during the speech, a feeble attempt to demonstrate their contempt.  They are obviously both angry and embarrassed that their misguided attempt to impeach the president failed.  But they should take their rage out on Reps. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Pelosi who truly failed them, not the president.  All those Democrats who sat by and watched the Schiff show systematically destroy their own party are to blame for their own demise.   

Trump will be re-elected in a landslide, with black, Hispanic, gay, and former Democrats in support.  He actually is making America great again.  And for that, the Democrats sat stone-faced, furious, throughout the speech.  They made one thing manifestly clear:  They are anti-American, anti-self-reliance, pro-crime, pro-illegal immigration, pro-sanctuary cites for illegal criminals, anti-Second Amendment and anti-American people.

Americans have just endured three years of the Democrats' inability to accept the results of the 2016 election and the torment of the costly and phony Russia hoax as well as the Mueller investigation, which was in fact a cover-up scheme.  Then Schiff brought us the long-planned Ukraine nonsense.  We have all watched Schiff's descent into madness; he is in need of a rubber room with his final ravings, and yet his colleagues still refrain from stopping him from making an ever bigger fool of himself.  They have remained silent as he has made their party a laughingstock.  Not a single Democrat has had the courage to shout that this wanna-be emperor has no clothes.   Schiff's obsession with removing Trump from office is clearly a sign of his mental instability.  Trump is going to sell Alaska to Russia!  Bring on the straitjacket and an incapacitating agent.

When the president's speech was over, Pelosi furiously ripped up her copy of it on camera.  

Is there a better, more telling act of her anger and disrespect for the office of the presidency?  She is a harridan, a blight upon her city, her party and the country.  The American Democrat party has become something it was never meant to be: it has morphed into a radically fascist party of autocrats.  Certainly not all of them fall into this category but those who do not are cowards.  Clearly they are afraid of the tyrants who control the party so they sit quietly by in fear of losing their seats.   As we watched them all refuse to applaud the many successes of this administration and the members of the audience Trump celebrated, we should all realize that these people are not on the side of America or Americans.  As Pelosi so ungraciously ripped up her copy of the speech on camera, she proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Democrat party is no longer pro-American, pro-freedom nor pro-democracy.  This SOTU speech was a transformative moment.  Now we know that only one party represents the American people.  The Democrat party as currently constituted, should ship out to Venezuela where they would feel right at home.  

Image credit: YouTube screen grab

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