So after Johnny Depp's career cratered on #MeToo claims, turns out he was the one who being abused by his wife

Hollywood leading man Johnny Depp disappeared from the red carpets about two years ago, a victim of #MeToo hysteria, based on an op-ed from his ex-wife, Amber Heard, alleging that he was a woman-abuser. According to the Guardian, his career was over. Just one problem: The allegations now look as though they aren't even true. According to a tape, turns out Depp was the one being abused, not the other way around. Here's Megan Fox from PJ Media, describing what the story is now: A leaked audio conversation between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is blowing up Hollywood. The audio reveals Heard confessing to committing physical violence against Depp. After BuzzFeed published photos of Heard with bruises and accusations of abuse against Depp, his life fell apart. Depp was implicated in the #MeToo movement and branded as a wife-abuser. He was dropped from "Pirates of the Caribbean" in 2018 and many speculate it was because...(Read Full Post)
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