Samantha Bee launches a scathing, impressively stupid attack on Prager U

Samantha Bee got her start on the Jon Stewart show.  She is a worthy heir, for she's mastered his techniques of pretending that snarky, fact-free comments about conservatives constitute news or astute political analysis.  On Wednesday, Bee spent almost seven minutes hurling insults at Dennis Prager, at Prager U, and at the people who have appeared in Prager U videos. It's clear that the people behind the show are panicking about how effectively the Prager U videos counter the leftist narrative that's mainlined into the American brain through academia, "news," and entertainment media.  In fact, progressives are right to panic.  Their panic has been counterproductive, though.  By attacking Prager U with crude sarcasm and mean statements that an indoctrinated audience perceives as jokes, Samantha Bee created a fundraising bonanza for Prager U. For those unfamiliar with Prager U, this online learning...(Read Full Post)
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