Rush's cancer announcement gives leftists another chance to show their hate

Once upon a time in America, a country with a two-party political system stretching back more than two hundred years, when people of one party learned that a respected member of the other party was ill, they put aside their political differences to express sympathy and extend good wishes. On the Republican side of the aisle, that continues to be the case.  On the Democrat side, though, too many people no longer pretend to feel sympathy for the sick or the bereaved. To these fanatic leftists, all conservatives are effectively Hitler.  This means that the only right and proper response to hearing bad news about a Republican is to celebrate.  And that, sadly, is how some Democrats and their NeverTrump fellow travelers are choosing to respond to the news about Rush Limbaugh's cancer diagnosis. Reza Aslan is a well known religious scholar, as well as being a religious gadfly.  Raised as a Shia Muslim, he converted to evangelical...(Read Full Post)
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