Re-election campaign for Kim Foxx, the prosecutor who let off Jussie Smollett, scores $2 million backing from George Soros

It's like a harmonic convergence of progressive villains.  Rachel Hinton of the Chicago Sun-Times reports: A political action committee founded by liberal billionaire philanthropist — and Donald Trump nemesis — George Soros kicked $2 million to a committee supporting Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx in her re-election bid against three Democratic primary challengers. A mega donor to Democrats and liberal causes, the hedge fund operator’s Democracy PAC transferred $2 million into the Illinois Justice and Public Safety PAC on Wednesday. Kim Foxx in 2018 (YouTube screen grab). By law, a PAC that receives large donations and supports a candidate cannot coordinate with that candidate.  So Foxx is not directly receiving the money from Soros, but Soros cash is being dedicated to her re-election as state's attorney.  A re-election that would ratify the cronyism that allowed Jussie Smollett to escape prosecution...(Read Full Post)
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