Pete Buttigieg is running as the great Christian savior of America

Although the left castigates conservatives for bringing God into the conversation, the reality is that, in this election cycle, there's only one candidate who relentlessly paints himself as being on the side of God, and that candidate is Pete Buttigieg.  He was at it again Tuesday night, during a televised town hall, when he insisted both that God is non-partisan and that there is no way Christians could support Trump. It began when a self-identified Democrat and Episcopalian Christian asked how to make it clear that "you can be both," in a world in which "the right thinks they own" Christianity.  Buttigieg had an answer: First of all, I'm glad to be with a fellow Episcopalian and I agree. Look, it starts with sending the message that God does not belong to a political party. And by the way, it's also very important to make clear that the presidency and the Constitution and my presidency will belong to people of every...(Read Full Post)
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