One man's awesome response to a neighbor's complaint about his Trump flag

To date, almost 750,000 people have watched a TikTok video showing a Trump supporter's house festooned with Trump signs and paraphernalia while explaining how that exuberant show came to be. The video's narrator, Harper Lee (@harper334036), pans over the property as she explains what happened, picking up her narrative in midsentence: And when he was done remodeling, he put up one Trump flag in the window. And he got a letter from somebody that lives in this community that said, "Your house is beautiful. We love the remodel but you have that Trump flag that you have in your window, [it] makes your house disgusting. So, this is what he did in retaliation. I saw ... so there's a Trump flag there, Trump flag there. He's got Trump signs all over his yard. If you look up by his front door, he's got a Trump [cardboard figure] up there. But look, all over his house. Every window's got a Trump flag. This is so awesome. The video is short and...(Read Full Post)
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