Democrats wheel out their 'dog ate their homework' excuse, blaming Trump for Iowa

The Iowa caucus is still a mess, a bad enough one that Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez has called for a "recanvass" of the entire operation. No results, and more to the point, no believable explanation, either.  The explanations have shifted so many times that it's now come down to the all-purpose one: blaming Trump. According to Fox News: Workers manning the phones in Iowa after the state's disastrous caucus on Monday reportedly claim that President Trump backers flooded the hotline number for precinct chairs that led to even more confusion and disarray. ...and... Ken Sagar, a Democratic central committee member in the state, told a conference call Wednesday that on the night of the caucus, Trump backers were calling in to voice their support for the president, Bloomberg reported. Sagar was reportedly one of the people answering the calls. It's nothing but a cover for...(Read Full Post)
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