North Korea goes all out to hide its coronavirus cases

China's coronavirus epidemic has spread to nearly every country in Asia, with one little curious exception: North Korea. Sure, a casual outside observer might note that North Korea is a tightly controlled communist country, but actually, it's got a pretty porous border with China and, being a totalitarian hellhole, a vigorous black market trade moving in and out for goods. This might just mean it's got more coronavirus than it's letting on. That's what the reports are now saying, starting with Australia's Daily Mercury: The North Korean capital of Pyongyang was supposed to stage a massive military parade on Saturday to spark its 72nd anniversary celebrating the founding of the country's armed forces. Last year, the country's dictator Kim Jong-un presided over a grand procession displaying all of the hermit nation's new weapons, with an onslaught of soldiers marching in perfect step. This year, nothing like that took...(Read Full Post)
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