No, Michael Bloomberg will not 'Get It Done'

It's safe to assume that someone who managed to amass a fortune in the tens of billions through his own efforts (more or less) is, as they say, a pretty sharp cookie.

Why, then, did former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg decide to roll out his presidential campaign using the slogan "Mike will get it done," out of the many options expensive propaganda gurus — um, consultants — proposed?

The implication that President Trump isn't "getting it done" is self-evidently absurd.  By any measure, Americans in virtually every demographic, economic, and social category will agree they are better off than under Obama.

Our president "got it done" despite facing hurricane-force winds.  The Mueller, Ukraine, and impeachment hoaxes would have toppled a lesser man.  Trump rode "The Beast" at Daytona in front of a huge, enthusiastic crowd yelling, "Four more years!"

President Trump is "getting done" our southern border wall at a rapid pace, stemming the flow of illegal aliens.  No more caravans.  Bloomberg and his allies — on both sides of the aisle, alas — want cheap labor and would tear down the wall.

By remaking our Judiciary one federal judge at a time, President Trump has managed to roll back encroachments from the bench into areas of life never intended by our Framers.  Bloomberg's appointments to the Supreme Court?  Perish the thought.

President Trump is also "getting it done" in foreign policy.  It's a long list of accomplishments: Iran's mullahs have calmed down since we terminated their chief goon; Baby Kim talked peace; Europe is paying more of its fair share to NATO.

Chinese expansionism was already in the process of being checked before natural forces intervened (coronavirus), as if to remind us what ultimately happens when government oligarchs are in charge of, well, just about everything.

We might get under Bloomberg something worse than the oligarchy Thomas Lifson warned against.  Russia's Putin, China's Xi, and King Mike I may well form a mutual admiration society.  Birds of a feather...

Autocratic behavior is nothing new among, well, autocrats — royals as well as commoners.  Bloomberg no doubt took his cue from Wall Street forerunners such as J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie.  Sixteen Hundred Pennsylvania Avenue is not the place for them.

One of Wall Street's biggest complaints is congressional binge spending.  Bloomberg and his Democrats would only make matters worse and tank the market. They'd first make sure they were out of the market and then pick up the pieces for a song.

Bloomberg is an internationalist in the Soros mold, as are Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez socialists.  That's a combination this country can't afford.  The Federal Reserve wouldn't be able to print money fast enough to cover the astronomical costs.  Hyperinflation is death.

Donald Trump's total wealth is a small fraction of Bloomberg's.  I bring this up because asset divestiture will certainly be a requirement should Bloomberg get the nod in Milwaukee this summer.  They don't make mattresses that big, however.

Finally, a suggestion for Bloomberg's media handlers: Whatever bright idea youse guys come up with next, don't put your man inside a tank wearing a helmet.  Remember how that stunt worked out for the other mini Mike.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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