New York Times redefines masculinity so that it has nothing to do with men

The word "masculine" is a 14th-century French word that has as its origin the Latin masculinus, a derivative of masculus, which means male.  It's about deep voices, big muscles, aggression, loyalty, and all those things that connote the XY-chromosome half of the human species.  Naturally, the New York Times is busy trying to redefine "masculinity" into a meaningless mélange of gender bafflegab. David Ebershoff's article has a long title: "The Trans Actors Challenging Outmoded Ideas of Masculinity: Despite years of progress, trans male representation in film and television has remained all but nonexistent. Now, there's a new group of rising stars."  In plain English, women who want people to believe they're men are trying to separate masculinity from men. This defies both logic and language.  Redefining human biology and language results in a string of...(Read Full Post)
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