MSM going for new record: 4 major outlets run fake news stories in only 10 hours yesterday

The mainstream media have so debased themselves that their attacks on a candidate can actually drive support to the target.  This has already happened among Republicans, only 15% of whom express trust in the media.  The astronomical levels of support for President Trump among Republicans is in part due to the unfairness of the unrelenting media attacks on him.  A similar phenomenon seems to be taking place among supporters of Bernie Sanders, who react to media attacks from establishmentarian outlets by embracing him even more fervently.  They are, after all, angry about what they see as unfairness and are suspicious of the powerful.  They still see the media as among the powers that be.  See, for example, this precious moment when a voter tells MSNBC that its criticism of Bernie turned her into a supporter: Yesterday, the geniuses at the MSM added fuel to the public's distrust with four — count...(Read Full Post)
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