Mitt Romney gives a disgraceful display of petty vindictiveness on impeachment

Mitt Romney was a staunch, aggressive NeverTrump, right up until he needed President Trump's endorsement when he ran for senator in Utah in 2018.  Despite Mitt's nastiness, Trump gracefully gave him that endorsement.  Mitt responded like the scorpion he is, immediately turning around and stinging Trump during the impeachment process. The first article of impeachment against Trump was for the hitherto unknown wrongdoing called "abuse of power."  It represents no legal standard, and the proceedings in the House made it clear that "abuse of power" really meant that Trump was conducting foreign policy in a way that offended Democrats.  Investigating criminal wrongdoing by a past vice president is not an impeachable offense, even if it involves wrongdoing in a foreign country.  Still, that wasn't enough for Mitt. Nor did it matter to Mitt that, just a week ago, he insisted that there was not...(Read Full Post)
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