Mini Mike says he knows how to stand up to bullies

Mike Bloomberg has said and done many things that are laughable and point to a high degree of hypocrisy.  Permit me now to home in on one nugget of how Mini-Mike thinks, to show how delusional and out of touch he is.  It came out in an interview that the billionaire gave the day after his pathetic debate performance in Nevada.  At that time, Bloomberg tried to shift the focus from what happened the night before to President Trump by saying: "We all know that Trump is a bully.  But I say, I'm a New Yorker, and I know how to deal with bullies.  I did it all the time."


Surveying the entire country, one would be hard pressed to find the citizens in any other jurisdiction more bullied by politicians, unelected bureaucrats, and the thought police than those in New York City.  New Yorkers pay nosebleed taxes, endure onerous regulations on many aspects of daily life, and accept the slop provided to them in public services and education.  At most, a few whimper while the smart ones leave.  By any objective standard, New Yorkers are a docile bunch.  They even allowed their Second Amendment rights to essentially be taken away from them.  To us in flyover country, this is tantamount to being neutered.

Bloomie boasts that he knows how to stand up to bullies.  With his billions and being surrounded by sycophants, I'm sure he gets a lot of practice doing that.  In reality, it is the other way around with Mini-Mike being the bully, hammering people with his money and influence.  The little fella is obviously trying to project an image as a tough guy.  Bloomberg's message is, "Yes sir, I might be short in stature, but I'm hard as nails."  But that's beyond ridiculous coming from someone who just a night prior was scalped by the shrieking Fauxcahontas before a national TV audience of millions.  And what was Mighty Mike's response?  To roll his eyes and stand there like a deer caught in the headlights. 

Bloomberg's problem is that he mistakes rudeness for courage in standing up to bullies.  There, New Yorkers excel.  And that rudeness is in response to their impotence and constantly being bullied by the city's government. 

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