Lone CNN and MSNBC commentators forget the party line and admit Dems’ face-planting

Each of the Trump-hating cable news networks yesterday broadcast commentary that contradicted  the otherwise-mandatory narrative hyping the purported moral and political victories of the Democrats. Spontaneous truth-telling is unusual when it is unfavorable to the donkeys, so seeing two incidents in one day is worth noting.

On CNN, Jeff Zucker must have been taking a brief break when the channel’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin told viewers that “Trump won” and “that’s how history will remember” this third presidential impeachment in history: (a 38 second video)

Transcript via Grabien:

BLITZER: “Give us the big picture right now of what we’re seeing.”

TOOBIN: “Trump won. He’s going to win this trial. He won on the issue of witnesses. He’s going to get acquitted, and that’s how history will remember what went on here. I think history will also record that there are at least one, and perhaps other, pivotal, pivotal witnesses who were available to the House of Representatives to — to the Senate — “

Meanwhile, at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann’s former live-in girlfriend Katy Tur let slip that in Iowa Democrats can’t come close to drawing  the sort of crowds that President Trump was able to attract in his Des Moines rally – so packed that she and her crew couldn’t even get in. This bit of honesty came after vicious attacks on President Trump, almost as amends for her nastiness. Perhaps a conscience at work. The admission comes 1 minute and 30 seconds into this clip:

Transcript via Grabien:

TODD: “Joining me now from Iowa are a couple of my NBC News colleagues, Katy Tur, Ali Vitali. Katy, let me start with you. I am sure you had a little déjà vu as you were covering, you spent a lot of time in Iowa four years ago watching Donald Trump. The differences and the similarities?”
TUR: “So, yesterday I said that time has stood still in Iowa during this impeachment trial. I should say time has stood still in this country for the past four years because that Donald Trump last night sounded a lot like the Donald Trump in 2016, promising you everything and warning you that if you don’t vote for him, your lives will go to hell, which is basically what he said last night. I found it interesting, Chuck, that he spent a good portion of his campaign speech talking about health care. That’s the one issue that Democrats won on in 2018, it’s what helped bring them over the edge. And it’s also the biggest issue now in the Democratic primary, it’s what they’re all talking about. Beyond talking about beating Trump, health care is the thing. So he went out there and he tried to scare the crowd, saying if they vote for a Democrat, they will ruin health care. Then he frankly was dishonest about his record on health care, saying that he is protecting pre-existing conditions when he has not. He claimed that he signed a bill to end surprise medical billing. He signed an Executive Order about some medical billing in hospitals, but he hasn’t signed a bill about surprise medical billing. That hasn’t even passed the House yet. So this was predictable, it was the same Trump. But I will tell you this. 7,000 people inside that arena, we couldn’t even get in, it was so packed, the fire marshal shut it down. That’s in stark contrast to what we’re seeing from the Democrats so far in Iowa. We will see what happens, though, as the campaign drags on.”

Photo credit: Grabien screen grab

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