Leftists attack an inaccurate meme as a way to silence opposition to Bernie's plans

On Friday, after the Democrat Party debate in Nevada, James Woods tweeted out a little mathematical calculation that quickly went viral.  It purported to show how Bernie's demand for a $15 minimum wage would be meaningless, as Bernie's proposed 52% tax rate on those same earners would leave them with less money than before.  Leftists from Snopes on down instantly started debunking the calculation.  What they missed is that Bernie's actual plans are infinitely worse for lower- and middle-class Americans than the erroneous calculation suggests. It started with one of James Woods's cute tweets.  This one shows a simple math problem.  The gist of it is that, if someone works a 40-hour week for 52 weeks a year and gets paid the Bernie-mandated $15 per hour, that person will bring home $31,200 per year.  It then noted that Bernie has said that, to pay for his free health care, he will raise to 52% the taxes...(Read Full Post)
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