Jorge Ramos is mad at Mexico for blocking illegal immigration into America

Jorge Ramos was born in Mexico City and became a journalist there.  He eventually came to America on a student visa, got a job at a Spanish-language TV station in Los Angeles, liked it, and stayed.  Along the way, he became rich and famous as the face of the news on Univision, America's largest provider of Spanish-language content.  Although registered as an independent, his political stances, especially his support for open-borders, align him completely with the current hard-left incarnation of the Democrat party. On Friday, a very unhappy Ramos acknowledged that Trump fulfilled one of his campaign promises.  When Trump said that he was going to build a wall and that Mexico would pay for it, Leftists simultaneously castigated him for racism and laughed at the notion that Mexico would ever pay to keep its citizens from fleeing corruption and poverty within Mexico by illegally crossing into the United States. After all, for Mexico,...(Read Full Post)
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