Jorge Ramos grills Biden about the immigrant kids Obama’s administration locked up

In 2014, when word spread throughout Latin America that the Obama administration was inclined to be lenient with children who arrived illegally in America, parents anxious to get their children out of impoverished, crime-ridden countries sent them north on their own, in the company of other children, or with paid smugglers. With tens of thousands of children surging across the border, local border enforcement was reduced to packing kids into rooms without beds or putting them behind wire fences. The photos that emerged from that time were sad because these were children, and anger-inducing because they showed how the Obama administration had turned America’s southern border into a joke. The only people getting upset about the overwhelming numbers of children suffering this way, though, were conservatives. The mainstream media didn’t focus on the Obama cages; it focused on the pathetic children being deprived of the American experience thanks to cruel...(Read Full Post)
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