Jordan Peterson is slowly recovering from a near-death experience

After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, Jordan Peterson went on an anti-anxiety drug to cope with the stress.  It turned out that the drug was toxic, and he was sensitive.  His daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, who first notified people about the situation in September, recently posted an updated video about Jordan Peterson's near-death experience. In her September 2019 video, Mikhaila talked about the shock to the family when Tammy Roberts, her mother and Peterson's wife, was diagnosed with cancer.  After a successful surgery, Roberts had a bad reaction and almost died.  Because Canadian doctors couldn't cope with Roberts's illness, she ended up hospitalized in America.  The American doctors saved her. Peterson never left Roberts's side, but the stress was extreme.  His doctor put him on a low dose of Clonazepam, a benzodiazepine.  What no one in the family knew is that Clonazepam is...(Read Full Post)
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