It's not Trump who is making AG Barr's job difficult; it's the execrable media

For a couple of weeks, the media have been celebrating A.G. Barr's comment that Trump's tweets are making his job more difficult.  Barr should know better and be more accurate.  It is not Trump's tweets, his commentary from a distance, that is complicating his job; it is the ever-leftist media that look for any opportunity to malign the president and the A.G.

Barr should have realized that from the outset.  We expected more toughness, more resilience from him.  Certainly, he can see what the media are doing, using him to again subvert the president.

Barr's response to Trump's tweets re: Roger Stone should have been crickets.  Trump did not intervene; he only commented on an obviously unfair indictment, trial, and sentence for a man who had nothing to do with anything related to Trump, Russia, WikiLeaks, or anything else within the purview of the Mueller witch hunt.  He was just a conveniently buffoonish victim of the Russia hoax cover-up.

Just how corrupt was the Mueller "probe"?  It was and is the most horrific political scandal in U.S. history.  Who are those responsible?  That would be the weaponized intel agencies, those entrenched Deep Staters who think only they are intellectually equipped to run the country, who were offended by the Trump candidacy and traumatized by his victory.  They were so traumatized that they set in motion their complex but poorly planned coup to undo the election results.  When that failed, they set out to see President Trump removed from office.  This is what Adam Schiff has devoted every minute of his every day in his office to since Trump was elected.

How dumb do you have to be to spend every waking moment devoted to unseating the most successful president since Reagan?  Really, really dumb.  Just because the moonbats on CNN and MSNBC sing your praises, that does not mean that you are universally loved any more than Twitter is an accurate barometer of Americans' sentiments on any issue.  CNN and MSNBC are sanctuaries of the ignorant, and Twitter is the sewer of the vicious Left.  None of them matters in the grand scheme of American politics. 

The president has not interfered in the trial of Roger Stone; he only tweeted the obvious after the sentencing recommendation was reported.  That sentencing recommendation of the Mueller holdover prosecutors was absurd and punitive in the extreme.  Barr realized this, well before Trump's tweet, and suggested a less extreme sentence.  Barr did not say that Stone deserved a new trial or a dismissal, given the bias of the jury foreman, but Stone absolutely does deserve a new trial or to have the charges dismissed.  He was low-hanging fruit for the Mueller thugs.  But we must all admit by now that there are two systems of justice in America: a very forgiving one for the political elite and a harsh and abusive one for everyone else, especially if one is a Republican or conservative. 

So, as millions of law-abiding, Constitution-loving Americans wait with bated breath for some justice, our Stalinist media promote nonsense like "Barr is Trump's tool."  Eric Holder professed often that he was Obama's "wingman."  No one in the MSM minded.  Clearly, Barr is not anyone's tool, but he did the president and himself harm when he said the president was making it hard to do his job.  It is not Trump or his tweets making Barr's job difficult; it is the single-minded corrupt media that rattled him.

Barr has to be above our truly evil media.  If he said anything in response to Trump's comment, he should have said only that the president has not intervened in any way, even though he has the right to comment.  Instead, he gave the anti-Trump media fodder for their ridiculous accusations. 

We all want A.G. Barr and John Durham to complete their investigation of the origins of Russia hoax to the satisfaction of all Americans.  We want to see all those complicit in the coup indicted and tried for their treason.  For that to happen, Barr has to maintain his independence without harping at the president who appointed him and who is the victim of the most massive hoax in U.S. history.  A.G. Barr must see that it is the Orwellian, malignant media that make his job difficult, not the president. 

Caricture by Donkey Hotey (cropped).

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