It was Obama, not Trump, who weaponized government against political opponents

Most of the media along with other Democrats are having a collective cow because the Trump administration has reassigned some people from the White House and fired an ambassador who clearly disagreed with Trump's policies who used hearsay evidence and personal opinion to destroy him. We are hearing from the Democrat talking points that Trump is weaponizing the government and exacting revenge. It's as if the media and other Democrats are so arrogant that they can indoctrinate people to believe that other presidents and politicians don't make staff decisions based on whether subordinates support their policies.  Why the heck would any president keep people who are so insubordinate on their staffs? Would Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff just ignore subordinates on their staffs who sought to destroy them?  What would Schiff do if a staff member told the truth about the leaker, the person now lionized as "the whistleblower"? As...(Read Full Post)
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