It appears that the jury in the Roger Stone trial was tainted

From beginning to end, Robert Mueller and his squad used Roger Stone as an object lesson to frighten anyone who had high-level contact with the Trump campaign in the lead-up to and immediately after the election.  Stone is not a savory character, but the treatment meted out to Stone, now 67, had a revolting aura of police state hanging about it from the start.  Now it turns out that this un-American police state set up a kangaroo trial to shuttle Stone into prison. The Mueller mob started its press against Stone in January 2019, when Stone, who ought to have been a generic white-collar criminal: ... was instead subjected to a humiliating midnight predawn raid with cars full of riot gear–clad FBI agents, all staged before the cameras of CNN, which was exclusively granted access to the scene worthy of an action movie.  [Update: It is not clear who leaked news of the raid to CNN, having the effect of staging it for the most...(Read Full Post)
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