Is the US importing socialist drug pricing policies?

The Trump administration is doing an admirable job of keeping its promise to reduce costs and protect Americans by rolling back excessive regulations.  In January, for example, it announced a major reform package to update the "Waters of the United States" rule.  It's rolled back the cost of many other regulations as well. However, all these regulatory savings could be easily offset by a huge jump in costs if the administration goes ahead with plans to empower federal bureaucrats to set prescription drug prices.  Further, American lives could eventually be at risk. Remember the emotional debate over rationing boards and "Death Panels" that were the logical outcome of a single-payer health care system?  It is possible that if the U.S. imports price controls from foreign nations, they might also import rationing boards, because all the nations that use price controls in Europe have rationing systems for health care...(Read Full Post)
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