Iowa caucuses: Legitimate disaster or cover for a more nefarious plan?

This year's Iowa caucus ought to have gone more smoothly than any caucus ever before in Iowa history.  Then a gremlin threw the whole caucus into utter chaos.  Or was it just a gremlin?  At this point, inquiring minds are getting paranoid about whether the DNC is desperately trying to run away from Bernie's apparent momentum. The problems started with that elusive Des Moines Register poll.  Keep in mind that the Des Moines Register already brought shame on itself late last year when one of its reporters doxxed a 24-year-old sports fan who did a cute tweet, got lots of beer money, and then generously donated it to a local children's hospital.  Anheuser-Busch joined into the donation. That was when one of the Register's reporters decided to troll through the man's tweets, going back seven years to his teens, and finding two racist tweets.  If that wasn't...(Read Full Post)
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