In the South Carolina debate, Sanders cemented his hard Left image

It's unlikely that Bernie's performance in the South Carolina debate affected him in any way.  Those who support him will continue to do so; those who fear him will also continue to do so. First, some global observations about Bernie's debate performance.  Bernie is very good at demagoguing.  No matter the question, he goes off on his shtick about the need for socialized medicine so everyone can have the "right" to health care.  What he consistently ignores is that America has the best outcomes in the world.  All the other countries offer is the boast that people can see doctors, not the boast that they can get treated.  This is just one of Bernie's many subtle lies, where he makes ideological statements that are not borne out by the facts. Bernie also constantly repeats his riff about 500,000 homeless people, ignoring the fact that those homeless people are the result of Democrat...(Read Full Post)
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