In her post-SOTU and acquittal press conference, Pelosi lied about Trump

Thursday was a day on which President Trump and speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi engaged in a war of words.  His attacks were based upon the nonstop efforts Democrats, led by Pelosi, have made to overturn the 2016 election.  Hers were based upon the fact that Trump's policies have been wildly successful, while the Democrats have achieved nothing other than banging their heads against the brick wall that is President Donald Trump. The setting for Pelosi's ferocious verbal attack against Trump was her weekly press conference.  The reasons for her anger and disconnect from reality were twofold: First, on Tuesday, Trump gave a State of the Union speech that was magnificent.  In the first part, he recited his accomplishments, all of which have benefited the American people, especially the 99% (unlike Obama's "presidency for the 1%").  He then outlined plans that will bestow even more benefits on Americans,...(Read Full Post)
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