Impeachment blowback: Trump supporters feeling good

President Trump’s voters have been on a slow burn ever since the Russia hoax was launched to frame him.  We got angrier as it dragged on for two endless years, dirtying the president up with baseless investigations, and suppressing his approval ratings.  When the rigged investigation flopped, and the responsible Obama officials came under investigation by the DOJ, we thought it was behind us.  The respite was brief.  The Ukraine Hoax rolled out, the sham impeachment was launched, and Trump supporters entered a stage of cold, implacable rage and the determination to win.  Dems have no interest in and no idea of the impact of their antics on normal Americans. We deplorables don’t count as people to them.  Dems have no idea that millions of Americans deeply love and understand the American Constitution.  That we see precisely the ugly relationship between Marxist activists, self-serving pols, preening liberals and a corrupt press that is...(Read Full Post)
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