Ilhan Omar's ingratitude to the country that gave her refuge knows no bounds

America took in Ilhan Omar and her family after they first escaped tribal and religious warfare in their native country of Somalia and then spent several years in a refugee camp.  Once here, Omar's father eventually worked for the government. Omar herself attended public schools, worked at a public institution, and then was elected to one of the highest offices in the land. Given all those truly inestimable blessings, one would think Omar would feel at least a modicum of gratitude to the United States.  Anyone thinking that would be wrong. A video has emerged of Omar speaking at a Democracy Now! and Rising Majority event held in Washington, D.C. on Friday.  The video picks up with Omar talking about American foreign policy.  Her point during the four-minute video is that Americans are so selfish that they fail to realize that everything they do has a negative effect on the rest of the world: Omar begins by acknowledging...(Read Full Post)
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