If Dems didn't have voter fraud, how would they win elections?

The Democrats' explanation for frantically pursuing President Trump's impeachment and conviction went like this: If he's not removed from office, he will rig this year's election as he did in 2016.  According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his hand-picked team of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary investigators, no evidence was found that presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was involved in election-rigging of any kind.  But such rigging did occur in 2016, including the instances mentioned below. 

As Bernie Sanders can attest, his 2016 run for the presidency was rigged out of existence by collusion between the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, both of which were later implicated in a nationwide voter fraud operation.  Three weeks prior to the election, investigative journalist James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released two videos of an undercover sting in which high-level Democrat operatives bragged about running a nationwide voter fraud operation financed by the DNC and the Clinton campaign:

  • "We've been busing in people [illegal voters] for 50 years and we're not going to stop now."
  • "[We know] this is illegal."
  • "I think backward from how they would prosecute us, and then try to build out a method to avoid [getting caught]."
  • "We implement the plan across every Republican-held state."
  • "[Our operation] causes massive changes in state legislatures and Congress."
  • "Hillary knows what's going on."

One of the covert operatives caught in the Project Veritas sting is a longtime Democrat named Bob Creamer.  Found guilty in 2005 of tax violations and bank fraud, Creamer was a respected player in Democratic Party politics.  Official visitor logs show the convicted felon visited the Obama White House 342 times, including 47 personal meetings with President Obama, a fact that was buried by the mainstream media when O'Keefe's explosive exposés were released less than a month before the election Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win.

Although Creamer was forced to resign after being caught on tape discussing a nationwide voter fraud operation funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, the Democrat dirty tricks operative was honored with a front-row seat at President Obama's farewell address in January 2017.  Click here to see an NBC News screen grab of Creamer and his wife seated directly in front of the podium where President Obama spoke.  In the Democratic Party, getting caught bragging about a nationwide voter fraud operation is worthy of being awarded the most coveted seat in the house.

How Democrats use false charges of Republican racism to justify and facilitate voter fraud

Covert voter fraud operations aren't the only way Democrats subvert fair elections.  Despite their feigned protests to the contrary, voter ID laws are not racist, nor do they suppress minority voting.  How does requiring voters to present a photo ID suppress the ability of any adult citizen to vote?  Government-issued photo IDs are easily obtainable by every legitimate voter in America, including those who don't drive.  Virtually every voting-age citizen already has photo identification, yet Democrats aggressively oppose laws that require photo IDs to vote.  Blocking voter ID laws is but another way Democrats knowingly rig elections by facilitating and encouraging illegal voting.

Things that require photo identification:

  • Driving a vehicle
  • Airport check-in
  • Hotel check-in
  • Hospitals & outpatient testing
  • Doctors' offices
  • Social Security office
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Pawn shop transactions
  • Federal, state & local courts
  • Military bases
  • Donating blood
  • Volunteering at charities
  • Professional applications
  • College applications
  • Job applications
  • Buying a house
  • Boarding a cruise ship
  • Boarding a train
  • Getting a license to hunt or fish
  • Buying cigarettes & alcohol
  • Opening a bank account
  • Applying for credit
  • Cashing a check
  • Getting a tattoo or body piercing
  • Getting a library card
  • Visiting Congress

Things that don't require photo ID in many Democrat-run jurisdictions:

  • Voting

Democrat election official admits rampant voter fraud

As reported by The New York Post, Manhattan Board of Elections commissioner Alan Shulkin was caught on a Project Veritas undercover video slamming Mayor Bill de Blasio's municipal ID program as contributing to "all kinds of fraud," including voter fraud.   Here's more of what Commissioner Shulkin had to say:

  • "I think there's a lot of voter fraud."
  • "There's thousands of absentee ballots and I don't know where they came from."
  • "In some neighborhoods they bus people around to vote, they take them from poll to poll."
  • "De Blasio's municipal IDs can be used for anything, including voting."
  • "The city doesn't vet people who get ID cards to see who they really are."
  • "Anybody can go in there and say I am John Smith and I want an ID card."

So was Commissioner Shulkin praised by fellow Democrats for exposing voter fraud?  Not a chance.  A month after his comments were made public, he was told by party officials to hit the road.

Bottom line:

As shameless practitioners of the "ends justify the means" election tactics of Saul Alinsky, the modern Democratic Party actively encourages and facilitates voter fraud at every opportunity.  If America had an honorable press, Democrat election-rigging operations would have been blown out of the water decades ago.

An electrical engineering graduate of Georgia Tech and now retired, John Eidson is a freelance writer in Atlanta.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

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