How the American public sees the impeachment articles

When the House passed their two impeachments articles, I reacted on Twitter by pointing out the two articles were essentially:

  1. Orange man bad (Abuse of power)
  2. Orange man mean to us (Obstruction of Congress)

That is a distillation of the two articles from the point of view of Democrats in Congress who passed them.

One can also distill the two articles of impeachment from the point of the American public.  While some people don't really know what the articles are, to those who do, legalese aside, they amount to:

  1. President Trump using foreign aid to get something from the recipient country
  2. President Trump going to through the courts to defend his rights

The overwhelming response to the first article from the American public who are not NeverTrumps is "it's about time."  You might even hear a more colorful adjective before the word time from many members of the U.S. public.  The American public favor getting something for their money.  Now, maybe investigating the Bidens would not be high on their list, or maybe it would, but the consensus of the public is that the U.S. gets little or nothing from its foreign aid, and it is about time the U.S. got something for the foreign aid it gives.  At least by asking for something in return for one chunk of foreign aid (according to the Democrats' understanding), President Trump was setting a precedent that the U.S. should demand something for its foreign aid.

The public is also likely to be sympathetic regarding the second article.  As far back as Gentlemen's Agreement in 1947 and 12 Angry Men in 1957, Hollywood has reflected the American public's sympathy with someone seeking to protect his rights in the court.  Certainly, the public's sentiment is more for underdogs seeking to protect their rights, and no U.S. president is really an underdog.  Still, the U.S. public is generally not going to turn against someone for defending himself or protecting his rights in court.

This is why the public support has not built for removal of President Trump.  Thus, the Senate will acquit President Trump, and the Democrats will be left to start rooting for the coronavirus to slow down the Chinese and U.S. economies enough to defeat President Trump in November. 

Image: Fox News via YouTube.

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