Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape and a criminal sexual act

On Monday, the jury issued its verdict in the Harvey Weinstein case, finding him guilty of one rape in the third degree and one criminal sex act in the first degree.  The sentence against him on those charges can span anything from four to twenty-nine years in prison.  The jury gave Weinstein a pass for predatory sexual assault, which could have carried a life sentence, and on rape in the first degree. Countless outlets discuss the more squalid details of the charges against him and the witness testimony.  Andrew McCarthy, as always, offers an excellent analysis of the legal matters at issue.  This post is concerned with what Weinstein's fall says about leftist Hollywood, an oleaginous collective that uses its bully pulpit to advance leftist politics in America and to denigrate ordinary Americans and traditional American values. A few pertinent, and almost certainly accurate, facts emerged from the #MeToo...(Read Full Post)
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