Greta jockeys for the Nobel Prize for Fraud

As expected, Greta Thunberg has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.  At an age when most girls are mooning about boys, young Miss Greta is grousing about the weather a hundred years from now.

It needs single-mindedness of purpose to be as dense as this diminutive fatuant has proven herself.  She hasn't lived long enough to know that your first doubts should concern those who agree with you, not those on the other side.  The reason is hoary old confirmation basis.  You double- and triple-check what you think to ensure you're not blinded by your own wishful thinking.  Greta says the science is "crystal-clear."  What's crystal-clear is that climate change activists are some of the most prolific liars and frauds out there today.

Then there's the issue of whether anybody should even pay attention anymore to the Nobel committee.  The prize has become another meaningless trophy that lefties confer on each other to strut their bona fides as members of the in crowd.  It began losing luster back when they bequeathed it to Lê Đức Thọ and Henry Kissinger for, allegedly, ending the Vietnam War.  We all know that that war actually ended when the U.S. Congress cut bait and left our South Vietnamese allies in the lurch.  Profiles in cowardice.

That particular act of cowardice stained the Nobel Peace Prize forever.

Then there was the Peace Prize for Yasser Arafat, the worst peace-monger since at least Che Guevara.  Showing that their leftism wasn't limited just to phony peacemakers, the Nobel people would in the fullness of time recognize leftist liar Rigoberta Menchú for literature in the early nineties of the old century.  Then came Al Gore and his slide show, setting the stage for Greta in the propaganda climate change field.

The ultimate in degradation of the Nobel Prize was the one foisted on Barack Obama.  This guy did less to deserve a prize than anybody before Greta Thunberg, but with him it was established beyond doubt that politics, not merit, decides Nobel laureates.  Where once an effort was made to recognize genuine achievers, now it's reduced to another game of let's pretend.

Greta hasn't actually gotten the prize yet, so it's possible that somebody will sneak in at the last minute and carry the thing off.  That's just not conceivable, though.  Imagine the indignation in all the best places were the snarling young activist thus snubbed.  It would be like Clark Gable not getting an Academy Award for Gone with the Wind because the role was too much like the man himself and so he didn't really do any acting.  That would reflect reality.  But it's not to be.  Little Greta meets all the warm, cuddly criteria and has the adoration of all the right people.

The committee that gives Greta Thunberg a Nobel Prize will merely be announcing the winner of the world's most self-important participation trophy.  How far the great name of Nobel has fallen when it is used to legitimize such outright fraud.

Image: Anders Hellberg via Wikimedia Commons.

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