From the rubble of impeachment fail, Democrats turn on each other

The collapse of the Democrats' impeachment bid to Get Trump hasn't exactly been good for Democratic unity. There were signals and indicators of the fights breaking out all over Twitter, even as Sen. Chuck Schumer made his final teary bawl to the television cameras about the whole thing being a "a grand tragedy" and a "sham trial." Fox News host Laura Ingraham compiled a good segment of the tensions and misery -- how Adam Schiff tried for one last time to shut his fellow impeachment manager, Rep. Jerry Nadler, up at the finale, and how Schumer himself shushed Sen. Kamala Harris from trying to grab his mic and do the talking instead of him, as well as a fine coda at the end of the miserified faces of the network broadcasters once they learned the Senate voted down witnesses and the impeachment trial would soon be over. Everyone loves to be a winner. Losers point fingers. Democrats are now in full loser mode, now...(Read Full Post)
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